Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here are the average payments Medicare makes to every medical specialty

By Art Golab  | June 12, 2015 Modern Healthcare

Looking at Medicare physician payment data, it would appear that oncologists were
among the highest paid specialists in 2013. But a closer look reveals that much of
the money going to oncologists is used to cover the cost of administered drugs.

This chart shows the average total payment for every medical specialty along with
 the average payment for drugs, which is a subset of the total payment.

The drug payment figures were broken out for the first time in the physician
 payment data for 2013 released last week.

Individual payment totals to physicians can be tracked by specialty
and location using Modern Healthcare's Medicare payment data tool.

Select specialties from the drop down menu to compare payments.

Select specialties from the dropdown menu to compare payments.
(If you wish to be able to use this menu to check and compare costs of most medical disciplines
click here and screen down to this chart.)

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