Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The perception that older workers are less productive than younger ones is false...

By Art Koff
More and more employers are finding it cost effective to utilize retirees hired on a part-time or project assignment basis for hard to fill openings. Retirees will often take a part-time or temporary assignment for far less than the hourly rate they commanded when they were working full-time. The perception that older workers are less productive than younger ones is false. Numerous studies and research have shown that older workers' productivity does not fall but rises because of greater dependability, better judgment and accuracy. Studies have also shown that older workers actually miss less work than younger workers and can learn new techniques and technologies effectively.

Many older workers will not apply for positions that may be appropriate for them as they often feel they will be discriminated against because of their age. That is a good reason to go to media like RetiredBrains.com that targets them directly. It is also a reason to craft a message tailored to an older audience.

Reasons employers should hire retirees and older workers on a part-time or temporary basis or for project assignments:

1. It is not necessary to pay benefits like health care insurance.
2. Temporary/part-time workers can be off-boarded with comparatively little or no cost.
3. If your company has a hiring freeze, hiring temporary/part-time employees usually comes from a different budget.
4. Older workers generally require less training.
5. Older workers have lower absenteeism.
6. Older workers tend to be more punctual.
7. Older workers have a better commitment to quality.
8. Older workers possess superior customer service skills.
9. Older workers have better people skills.
10. Older workers are more eager to learn new skills.
11. Older workers have a positive attitude.
12. Temporary, part-time and project based employees do not require unemployment insurance coverage. 
Art Koff is the Founder and CEO of RetiredBrains.com.

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